This website contains detailed descriptions of the DynPEQ plugins and dynamic parametric equalization in general. We know that even though the processing opens up a large space of possibilities, it is understandable for people to say, “Yes, but what does it do?” To that end, the pro audio community has been discovering many applications for which DynPEQ is well-suited and a few for which DynPEQ is uniquely suited.

Version 1.4 Is Here!

We have released version 1.4 of the DynPEQ plugins. There are too many new features to keep your attention here, so we will stick to the biggies.

Sidechain search:  monitoring the pre-filtered sidechain for fast and true band searching.  Overview here, and videos here and here.

Quartet overload counters: monitoring the total and severity of overs.  Video here.

Pro Tools multi-mono sum/difference support: a new AAX/HDX plugin to convert stereo left/right to mono/stereo and back.  Video here.

More Pro Tools goodies: the Quartet HDX DSP channel capacity has been increased to 10, so Quartet can support most of the new stem formats, including Ambisonics 1st- and 2nd-order.  The control surface support has been expanded for large surfaces, such as S6 and D-Control.

The DynPEQ band toolchest in version 1.4 contains new bandsets for microphone conditioning and user-submitted starting points. If you are a user of 1.3.3 or lower and would like to audition the revised bandsets, please contact support for help in doing so.

Version 1.4 is a free update for holders of a 1.3 license (with license strings QuartetDynPEQv2 or TrioDynPEQv2). To get the update distribution, either contact your reseller or drop us a line for Quartet or Trio upgrade instructions.

DynPEQ Deep Dive

We have made a new video that serves as a white paper to demonstrate processor internals and the more intricate aspects of band tuning.  Check it out.

Find, Measure, Control, Balance

We have added a new page featuring two unique features of DynPEQ, sidechain search and rotation point compression.  Click this link to see how we think this can speed your workflow.

Pickles, and How To Get Out of Them

We have added a new page to this website in response to your stories of unusual uses for our unusual DynPEQ plugs.  Click this link to read the work tales and for instructions on how to submit your own.

Pro DynPEQ Videos

Alberto Rizzo Schettino of Fuseroom Studios has recorded live mixing with DynPEQ for a webinar.  You can find the video at the Fuseroom Recording Studio YouTube channel.

Our video featuring Nathaniel Kunkel and Alan Meyerson has been published on the Avid Blog. We added a precis of what’s in it for those in a hurry. You can also find the video without the writeup here.

Quartet DynPEQ is cited in the video Inside The Track 7 – Part 3 with Alan Meyerson. You will need an account login at Mix with the Masters to watch.

Look for Us on the Avid Blog

We talked to DynPEQ product advocate and re-recording mixer Tom Marks on the sound of Sense8 season two. Check out Sense8 on Netflix. The Tom Marks interview is published on the Avid Blog in July 2017.

Wholegrain and DynPEQ were featured in the Avid Blog in January 2017. Check out this cool article.

Read All About It!

The DynPEQ plugins are the subject of a review by Darwin Grosse in the June 2017 issue of Recording Magazine.  Here is a highlight.

“Perhaps the aspect that has me most interested in using this product is the way it makes me think about my work–while it is clearly both an EQ and a compressor/expander, it is viable to approach it like a super-EQ.”

Through the kind permission of Recording Magazine, you can read the entire review through this link.

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