On Sale!

The DynPEQ plugins, Quartet and Trio, are now on sale. Save about 30% on the purchase price through the end of November. Visit our partner stores and get a head start on upgrading your studio.

Read All About It!

The DynPEQ plugins are the subject of a review by Darwin Grosse in the June 2017 issue of Recording Magazine.  Here is a highlight.

“Perhaps the aspect that has me most interested in using this product is the way it makes me think about my work–while it is clearly both and EQ and a compressor/expander, it is viable to approach it like a super-EQ.”

Through the kind permission of Recording Magazine, you can read the entire review through this link.

Look for Us on the Avid Blog

We talked to DynPEQ product advocate and re-recording mixer Tom Marks on the sound of Sense8 season two.  Check out Sense8 on Netflix.  The Tom Marks interview is published on the Avid Blog.

Wholegrain and DynPEQ were featured in the Avid Blog in January.  Check out this cool article.

Pickles, and How To Get Out of Them

We have added a new page to this website in response to your stories of unusual uses for our unusual DynPEQ plugs.  Click this link to read the work tales and for instructions on how to submit your own.

The Traveling DynPEQ Show

The DynPEQ road show will resume shortly.  In the meantime, if your local pro audio community would like a tour stop, drop us a line and we’ll do what we can.

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