Next Stop Miami!

Wholegrain will take the traveling DynPEQ show back on the road to IMSTA FESTA Miami.  This is a one-day event on Saturday 25 February 2017, 11 AM to 6 PM, at the SAE Institute in North Miami Beach.  Look for our booth and ask for a free DynPEQ trial.

Version 1.3.1 is Here!

The DynPEQ plugins have been upgraded to version 1.3.1.  This is a FREE upgrade for holders of a 1.3 license.  If you hold a license prior to 1.3, you can purchase an upgrade through our friends at Sonic Studio.

Those qualifying for the 1.3.1 upgrade can get the distribution either through contacting their dealer or Wholegrain support.

Even Bigger News: DynPEQ on Sale!

We are celebrating the release of version 1.3.1 by putting the DynPEQ plugins on sale.  You can save about 30 percent on new licenses for Quartet DynPEQ and Trio DynPEQ now through March 31 2017.  A growing number of outlets are now carrying the DynPEQ plugins, too many to mention here.  Your favorite store may now carry DynPEQ, so check it out.  If not, you can rely on our long-time partners.

News Is Spreading

Wholegrain and DynPEQ are featured in the Avid Blog in January.  Check out this cool article.

Well, That Was Fun!

Thanks to everyone we met at The NAMM Show 2017 at the Anaheim Convention Center.  Special thanks to our special guests at the show, Pro Sound Awards 2016 Studio Engineer of the Year winner Wes Maebe and two-time Grammy and Emmy award winner Nathaniel Kunkel.

All photo credits: Nadia Adam, IMSTA

At the Wholegrain booth with audio engineers present and future.

With Wes Maebe at the Software.NAMM stage

With Nathaniel Kunkel at the Software.NAMM stage

More thanks due to those who attended the DynPEQ clinic at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley.  Thanks also to the clinic’s sponsors Coast Mastering, Sonic Studio, and Avid.

Where To Buy DynPEQ

Wholegrain products can be found where finer audio plugins are sold, including:

WDSout_WOTEWind Over the Earth, Longmont CO–the go-to source for studio solutions in the Rocky Mountain region and beyond.  Email them or call (303) 443-9822 and ask for Jesse the DynPEQ specialist.


WDSout_ScitScitScat Music, Miami FL–if you are setting up a studio in the southeastern US or otherwise stocking up on audio processing, their attention will be worth your time.  You can purchase Quartet DynPEQ at ScitScat through this link.  You can purchase Trio DynPEQ at ScitScat through this link.

WDSout_SonicSonic Studio–the makers of the soundBlade mastering workstation have been longtime friends of DynPEQ.  At the Sonic Studio DynPEQ web page, you can obtain a free trial of the plugins.  Most importantly, customers who own a Quartet DynPEQ license for previous versions can purchase an upgrade to 1.3.  This upgrade will include an automatic upgrade to version 2 in appreciation for your patience.

WDSout_AvidAvid Store–the DynPEQ plugins are now available for purchase through the Avid Marketplace, directly accessible through Pro Tools 11 and 12.  You can find the Trio DynPEQ page through this link.  You can find the Quartet DynPEQ page through this link.

NEW!!  For those involved in short-term collaborative projects, Avid Everywhere presents interesting work solutions.  Quartet DynPEQ is now available at the Avid Marketplace with a 31-day rental option, which is ideal for your Avid Everywhere projects.













(in the U.K.)


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