So far, Wholegrain Digital Systems LLC offers only one product family, but if you will let us toot our horn, we think it’s a pretty cool product.

Announcing DynPEQ version 1.4!

New features and expanded Pro Tools support!

Many of the menu sections above concentrate on aspects of our plugin.

The Operation category covers non-obvious aspects of operating the DynPEQ plugins.

The Performance category describes how the software works at the computer level, the ways it shows you how it’s working, and a few ready-made configurations for common (and un-common) functions.

The Instruction category contains tutorial materials, mostly videos, on the DynPEQ plugins.

Within the current category are high-level descriptions and announcements on our product.

  • DynPEQ: The DynPEQ family of plugins
  • Trio: Trio DynPEQ, 3-band dynamic parametric equalizer for input processing
  • Quartet: Quartet DynPEQ, 4-band dynamic parametric equalizer for mastering
  • Dispatches: DynPEQ application stories from the work front
  • Version 1.4: new features
  • Available From: where to buy