Group 2: Operating the DynPEQ UI

As a reminder, you can reference the symbols for GUI gestures through this link.

Navigating Individual Parameter Controls

This video conducts a tour of band parameter controls on a DynPEQ user interface, also called fine controls, and the collapsable segments that contain them.

Navigating Coarse Parameter Controls

This video conducts a tour of plugin parameter controls on the interactive graphic displays of the UI, also called coarse controls. Updated for version 1.4.

Navigating Sidechain Search

Version 1.4 of the DynPEQ plugins introduces a feature allowing for monitoring the band-filtered signal being measured for dynamics processing. This video shows the operational steps to activate and use this special processing mode. Updated for version 1.4.1.

Navigating Other Plugin Controls

This video points out and explains the operation of several user interface controls that do not affect band parameters. Updated for version 1.4.