Group 4: DynPEQ Applications

As a reminder, you can reference the symbols for GUI gestures through this link.

Mix Sound for Film and TV 2021 Round Table

This talk with Thor Legvold (moderator), Jason LaRocca, Tom Marks CAS, George Massenburg, and Matt Orlando moves beyond DynPEQ’s base advantages to explore ways it can assist in the post-production of media audio content. We discuss how DynPEQ can be used to tame the mixing of several independently recorded sources into one soundtrack, in addition to how DynPEQ can equalize for more arcane characteristics such as acoustic conditions of recording. We address the application of Quartet DynPEQ to multichannel tracks and buses without harming spatial information in spite of it being a non-linear processor. Contains occasional profanity.

Tools To Tame Recording and Mixing Kilotrack Audio

Mixing engineers Tom Marks CAS, Jason LaRocca, and Alan Meyerson discuss hardware and software to help mix large-scale projects under time constraints. Current social isolation requires acoustic music to be recorded in small ensembles, exploding the overall track count. A dynamic parametric equalizer can serve as a multichannel bus master to regulate general mixing issues at this enlarged scale, and the rapid adoption of new digital surfaces helps with project configuration and organization for music, dialog, and all ancillaries. There are six sections, each addressing one general topic. Contains occasional profanity.

DynPEQ Clinic I: Vocal and Acoustic Instrument Processing

Multiple-Award Winners Nathaniel Kunkel and Alan Meyerson discuss the many ways they use Quartet DynPEQ in the course of their work as audio engineers. Nathaniel then demonstrates DynPEQ techniques for getting the most out of recorded voices and acoustic instruments. Nathaniel and Alan also give general tips and tricks to use in the studio. Filmed live at the DynPEQ clinic held at Technicolor Sound Services at Paramount Studios on 20 January 2018. Contains occasional profanity.

Voice Processing Using Sidechain Search

The version 1.4 sidechain search feature is employed to control unwanted components of a voice signal. Topics include using sidechain search to find the components and employing compression, both normal and rotation point, to control the component level as desired. Updated for version 1.4.1.

Application of Sidechain Search and Rotation Point: Find, Measure, Control, Balance

Sidechain search and rotation point compression combine for an efficient method of controlling sound components in a recording. Find and measure employ sidechain search and band tuning. Control and balance employ adjustment of rotation point parameters. The find, measure, control, and balance method is applied to an acoustic guitar recording to control the pick scrape. Updated for version 1.4.1.

Live Mixing with Alberto Rizzo Schettino

This webinar video has also been posted to the Fuseroom Recording Studio YouTube channel.

The Fuseroom seigneur Alberto Rizzo Schettino performs live mixing and mastering using Quartet DynPEQ and other Pro Tools AAX plugins. The video is 100 minutes, so please set aside some time to hear DynPEQ in action.