DynPEQ plugins offer the means to collect and maintain a library of individual band settings, of sets of all band settings, or of configurations of all tuning parameters.

Admin1The band toolchest is a library of items that represent either parameters for an individual band or a set of parameters for all bands. The items can be moved to or from the plugin operational parameters via drag and drop. Single-band items have a key head icon, which multi-band items have a multi-colored key head icon. The band terminal for drag-and-drop has a key hole icon. To the left of the key hole is a band title field.

Admin2You can easily edit items in the toolchest by drag-and-drop, the new drawer button, or the delete item button.  The best part of the toolchest is that is permanent to your user account, so your edits will persist for all your subsequent work.





Video: for more information on the band toolchest, see the video through this link.

Admin3Quartet DynPEQ has an extension of the A/B registers that is associated with the workstation session file, called the patch store. The number of registers it can hold is limited only to the computer memory capacity. In Pro Tools, the recall of patch store registers can be an automated parameter.




Video: for more information on the patch store, see the video through this link.