Dynamic Parametric Equalization, branded as DynPEQ, is an extension of both traditional dynamics processors and parametric equalizers that allows for dynamic control of parametric bands.

The basis of the technology is the traditional dynamics processor.  Upon this basis, DynPEQ applies two principles.

The first principle is that the dynamic gain element can be replaced with a parametric equalizer band. The frequency and Q parameters are not disturbed, but the gain signal dynamically modifies the boost/cut level.


The second principle is that the equalizer parameters that are not dynamic, frequency and Q, specify a frequency-selective filter that can be applied to the sidechain, so the energy estimated is the energy in the band of interest.


The result is a signal processor that provides unprecedented control over the audio spectrum in a manner that audio professionals are already familiar with. It can be thought of as a frequency-selective dynamics processor. It can also be thought of as a parametric equalizer with dynamic detailing. Either way, it is an intuitive and useful combination of two essential audio signal processing tools.


For more information on DynPEQ internals, please refer to the following paper.

Wise, Duane K.; “Concept, Design, and Implementation of a General Dynamic Parametric Equalizer;” Journal of the Audio Engineering Society; Vol. 57 No. 1/2; January/February 2009.

In addition, the appendix of this paper explains how Q is implemented in DynPEQ peak/dip filters.

AES members can access the above JAES paper through this link.

Video: for more information on DynPEQ band processing, see the video through this link.