Group 4: DynPEQ Applications

As a reminder, you can reference the symbols for GUI gestures through this link.

DynPEQ Clinic I: Vocal and Acoustic Instrument Processing

Multiple-Award Winners Nathaniel Kunkel and Alan Meyerson discuss the many ways they use Quartet DynPEQ in the course of their work as audio engineers. Nathaniel then demonstrates DynPEQ techniques for getting the most out of recorded voices and acoustic instruments. Nathaniel and Alan also give general tips and tricks to use in the studio. Filmed live at the DynPEQ clinic held at Technicolor Sound Services at Paramount Studios on 20 January 2018. Contains occasional profanity.

Voice Processing with DynPEQ

This video demonstrates how Trio DynPEQ, and by extension Quartet, can be used to not only EQ a voice signal, but attenuate harsh vocal quirks.