This website contains detailed descriptions of the DynPEQ plugins and dynamic parametric equalization in general. We know that even though the processing opens up a large space of possibilities, it is understandable for people to say, “Yes, but what does it do?” To that end, the pro audio community has been discovering many applications for which DynPEQ is well-suited and a few for which DynPEQ is uniquely suited.

Thanks for Attending NAMM 2023 and Mix Immersive Music Production!

L-R: Thor Legvold, Jason LaRocca, Eva Reistad, Alfredo Pasquel. Photo credit: Alyssa Pasquel.

The Dynamic Parametric EQ TEC Talk at NAMM was a good one.   Alfredo Pasquel and Eva Reistad presented large-scale mixes that showed how DynPEQ can be used to regulate problem areas in the spectrum as many stems are assembled into a final mix.  Thor Legvold and Jason LaRocca offered fine-grained observations and usage tips to the presentations.  All in all, much information was packed into the allotted 50 minutes.

Soon after, we went to Nashville for the Mix Immersive Music Production conference at Music Row, Columbia Studio A.  We exhibited how multichannel Quartet can work as a monolithic dynamics processor to preserve spatial placement, and how DynPEQ has become a vital tool for the audio professional.

Before and after the Mix Nashville conference, we had the honor of presenting dynamic parametric EQ concepts at The Blackbird Academy. We wish to thank Mark Rubel and Bryan Clark at Blackbird for the opportunity. Don’t forget to check the top DynPEQ sidebar for upcoming in-person tour stops and come see us.

Mix NAB Best in Market 2021!

We now offer you the newly award-winning DynPEQ family of plugins. You are best off getting a trial license and attending a seminar if you haven’t already done so, with the TRY NOW and SEE DYNPEQ IN ACTION sidebars on the DynPEQ page. Act soon!

Travel-free DynPEQ seminars over Zoom, BYOT (Bring Your Own Track)

Under the current situation, we can’t travel as much as we like.  So we have decided to bring DynPEQ presentations directly to you over the net.

We offer DynPEQ seminars over Zoom and will try to perform at least one per week.  Please check the top sidebar on DynPEQ or other pages of this site for upcoming show times and to request an invite.

Seminar attendees are welcome to submit single-track audio content for live application with DynPEQ.  To do this, please follow these guidelines.
• Maximum length: 20 seconds
• Maximum sample rate: 48Khz
• Maximum channel count: 2
• Have permission from all rights-holders
• Use Zoom on a computer: i.e. the Chat window contains a File button for transfer

Recording in Self-Isolation?  DynPEQ to the Rescue!

Social restrictions only increase the desire to make music.  Fortunately there is technology for recording that music part-by-part.  Unfortunately the conditions under which the parts are recorded cannot be made consistent a priori.  Assembling a song during the 2020 pandemic lockdown takes a few steps beyond simple mixing.  Award-winning engineer Wes Maebe has graciously shared some of his production notes for a banger of an isolation recording.

DynPEQ Version 1.4.2 out now

A new version 1.4.2 of the DynPEQ plugins have been released.  Users who work with new monstrous hi-res screens should find the DynPEQ UI larger and more readable.  We have also fixed up several minor problems.

This is a free upgrade to license holders of versions 1.3 or 1.4.  We have emailed existing licensees upgrading instructions.  If you are eligible to upgrade and did not receive this email, let us know.

Pro Tools Mono/Stereo Utility Now A Free Download

DynPEQ version 1.4 users already have this utility but may not realize it can be used with any dual-mono AAX plugin. It is a very simple utility, in the Sound Field category, that converts a Left/Right channel pair into a Mono/Stereo, or Sum/Difference, signal. What Pro Tools designates as L is the Mono (Sum) channel, and R is the Stereo (Difference) channel. Instantiate the utility again down the insert chain to convert the Mono/Stereo signal back into Left/Right stereo.

We offer this non-DRM’ed utility to the Pro Tools community as a free download. The plugin works on Pro Tools version 10 and up, both AAX Native and HDX DSP, on Mac OS X version 10.6 and up. The download contains installers for both 32/64-bit AAX hosts and 64-bit-only M-chip-and-Intel Gatekeeper-cleared Mac OS X 10.14 and up AAX hosts. You can download the utility by clicking here, or by visiting the utility’s page on KVR.

Pickles, and How To Get Out of Them

We have added a new page to this website in response to your stories of unusual uses for our unusual DynPEQ plugs.  Click this link to read the work tales and for instructions on how to submit your own.

Pro DynPEQ Videos

Alberto Rizzo Schettino of Fuseroom Studios has recorded live mixing with DynPEQ for a webinar.  You can find the video at the Fuseroom Recording Studio YouTube channel.

Our video featuring Nathaniel Kunkel and Alan Meyerson has been published on the Avid Blog. We added a precis of what’s in it for those in a hurry. You can also find the video without the writeup here.

Quartet DynPEQ is cited in the video Inside The Track 7 – Part 3 with Alan Meyerson. You will need an account login at Mix with the Masters to watch.

Look for Us on the Avid Blog

We talked to DynPEQ product advocate and re-recording mixer Tom Marks on the sound of Sense8 season two. Check out Sense8 on Netflix. The Tom Marks interview is published on the Avid Blog in July 2017.

Wholegrain and DynPEQ were featured in the Avid Blog in January 2017. Check out this cool article.

Read All About It!

The DynPEQ plugins are the subject of a review by Darwin Grosse in the June 2017 issue of Recording Magazine.  Here is a highlight.

“Perhaps the aspect that has me most interested in using this product is the way it makes me think about my work–while it is clearly both an EQ and a compressor/expander, it is viable to approach it like a super-EQ.”

Through the kind permission of Recording Magazine, you can read the entire review through this link.

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